mardi 10 novembre 2015

Hiit Rowing Day 6

I forced myself to do my 15 minutes of rowing just now. Usually I do it before lunch but just felt incredibly lazy all day.
Did 10m less than yesteday but it is ok, hopefully tomorrow will be better. The photo is of poor quality as it is already dark here.
Still eating good meals but small portions, tonight we have roast chicken.

lundi 9 novembre 2015

Hiit Rowing day 5

No sport yesterday but on Saturday we both took turns doing 1000m each then 800m, 600m et cetera stopping after 200m.
Today I completed my fifth Hiit session, still just for 15 minutes, 20/40. 
I have a new record of 3265m which is 35m more than last time so I am happy.
Back tomorrow for day 6!

vendredi 6 novembre 2015

Shopping Challenge November 2nd shopping

Took a little longer to do the shopping today, around 20 minutes, but it is the weekend.
Spent 115,07€ that included a jar of piment d'espelette which was incidentally the most expensive item on the list at 12,65€!
Here's what we will be cooking and eating this weekend and early next week:

Beef Bourguignon ( made earlier this week for tonight)
Magret de Canard En Saumure, Roti au Miel ( duck breast with honey)
Carrot, Tomato & Feta Soup
Home-made Pizzas
Roast Chicken with vegetables ( going to the market Sunday morning)
Chocolate Creams
Apple & Pear Cake ( to use up the fruit the children have not eaté from last week) 
*bought some artisanale (craft) sausage meat too for a meal to cook and freeze for next week.

jeudi 5 novembre 2015

Hitt Rowing - Day 3 & 4

Yesterday was hard and I did less than on day two (3210 m).
Just 3210 m in 15 minutes. 
Today was better though with 3235 m, which is my new record. More sweaty than the other days too.
Alain has not had time to do much, but he does ride his scooter (trotinette) home every night from the traiin station which is 4,5 km and half up hill!

mardi 3 novembre 2015

Hitt Rowing - Day 2

I had to push myself to beat my score and I just did it. 3330 m in 15 minutes so 20 seconds faster.
Alain has his first go this morning and did 3220 m.

Shopping Challenge November 2015

We have started to make our own bread again after several years of procrastination. We are also trying slowly to cut out as much processed food as possible but we need time... No ready meals thought, this is something we just don't eat.
Today shopping took a record 15 minutes after dropping MK off at college at 9:25. Last time I shopped was Friday. 
We will be eating this week the following meals in no particular order:

Beef Bourguignon (have enough beef to make two meals, so one for the freezer)
Blanquette de Veau à la Vanille ( family favourite " Veal Ragout with Vanilla")
Gratin Dauphinois
Croque Monsieur (children Wednesday lunch)
Chermoula Aubergine (Alexis and MK dislike aubergines so just for three). Aubergines bought on Friday

The shopping cost 73,02 euros which is really good for good quality food (organic, label rouge, aoc...) tortilla crisps and white bread for Croque Monsieur not inluded. 
Here's the receipt so we can keep track of prices now for the future.

lundi 2 novembre 2015

Hiiit Rowing - 1st session

I thought I could do 20 minutes 20 seconds intensive and 40 seconds rest, but no way. I managed 15 minutes at the same rate as above and I am pooped. I grabbed the Ipad to take a photo to show how did for record. The clock was still ticking but I did 3201 m... sure if this is bad or ok.
Tomorrow and all week I will keep to this routine and see how it goes. Alain will have a go tonight and we can compare, he will be fatser though for sure!