dimanche 29 mars 2009

Yaka l'fer..long project

We have fallen behind this week, but we managed to do this weeks unplugged project in the end.

We used a very long piece of wire and cut it up to make a couple of acrobates on a high-wire, (trying to copy the style of Alexandre Calder)
We cut each piece of wire into three segments, one for the bar, one for the head and hands, and one for the legs.

We made a support with some cardboard so we could hang our little acrobates, attaching them to it with coloured string.

We cut out little triangles and circles for their clothes

It's hard to capture them on photo....

Here's one waiting for his partner

Gabrielle's acrobate ready to go

Now they are ready to swing and do somersaults...mmmm... maybe not ours.

jeudi 26 mars 2009

Carnaval 2009

Today was the annual school carnaval in Marie-Kate's nursery school (maternelle) .
And spring has sprung, or maybe one could say that summer's on its way as you can see, a teenager on the way to the beach with his surf board and flip-flops.

Marie-Kate painted her own cat top and I added a kind of tail, at least she was the only cat in a school of over 270 ( 95% of the girls were princesses...).

Tails can be cumbersome, this one has a mind of its own.

Marie-Kate and her friends

Was she happy to see me after the parade?

15hrs... Mummy's going to go, only until 16H20

mardi 17 mars 2009

Légumes in Provence..and strawberries

Spring's definitely arrived in our little town by the sea
Every Tuesday after the school run I go to get my vegetables from a local farmer, I usually spend 20 Euros per week (25 dollars/£18), her market stall is the only one that has nothing left by 10.30.

Today, I was really happy because she had her very first Gariguette strawberries of the season, ok, these weren't cheap, I paid 3,50E but they're to die for, I'll have to save them for the children, especially for Marie-Kate, who's crazy for these, and she's had to wait a long time for the season to begin.

Marie-Kate aged 3(April 2007) with her Strawberry Pavalova birthday cake

I'll savour the brocoli, she will not have any more after this week....

lundi 16 mars 2009

Floating and Sinking

Today the children (Marie-Kate, 4 and Alexis, 7) drew up a chart of things they thought would float and sink for this weeks unplugged "water" project. After finishing the list they filled up a bowl from the kitchen to see if they were right or not.

On their list they wrote a bottle top (in plastic), a marble, some plasticine, a plastic bottle, a glass bottle, an apple, a yogurt pot and some grains of rice.

They used a spot of paint either at the bottom on top of water to show which things they would float or sink.

They were right about the bottle top ( sorry, I forgot the photo, they did it too quickly!) it floated. Then they decided to sink it by putting water inside
and then by throwing it in the water.

Next up, they put the marble in the water, it sunk, they were certain it would, however, Alexis knew he could make it float, first he flattened some plasticine and made it into a bowl shape, this didn't float either with the marble in, but alone it did. He got the plastic yogurt pot and put the marble inside, it sank too. Finally it worked when he put a little water in the pot and gently placed it, with the marble inside in the water.

Both bottles floated, but they would sink if filled with water

Above is the finished chart, it's a bit messy as the paint smudged when Marie-Kate leant over it.

Later I'll add on what Gabrielle decided to do for her unplugged project.

dimanche 15 mars 2009

Newpaper cityscapes

Alexis and Marie-Kate did a cityscape each of our town by the sea today using newpaper and paints.

Alexis was inspired Van Gogh.

A nice house was Marie-Kate's priority.

Cookie Party

The one that was saved (for now anyhow)

Yesterday, Gaby had a small birthday party with three of her girlfriends from school. This years theme was "cookies" as Gabrielle recently read the book Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson (one of her favourite authors) and thought it would be fun to make some together. Now, I know how to make cookies, however, these French girls did not, but they were very sure that it would be easy...Oh I nearly forgot, they decided to make "nutella" cookies, and I have never made those before.

They made the cake, too.

And in-between making and baking they decorated their cooking aprons and cookie plates.

Gabrielle loves pigs, however she didn't like how her one turned out.

Finished aprons drying

The girls decorated the plates, one at a time, all together

Busy hands

No.1 Miam (yummy) Plate

No.2 My Dad Swallowed A Goldfish inspired plate(without a Dad) No.3 La Fête Party Plate

No.4 Musical Plate

Afterwards, the girls picked numbers from a hat to see which one they'd take home. Gabrielle got the "yummy" plate, Jodie, the goldfish one, Noemy got the "fête" one, and Elisa the "musical one.

It really was a super afternoon, the five hours just flew by, the girls went home with their hands full of cookies, plates and aprons. The next birthday is next month, we're off to London for a couple of days, we'll invite a couple of excited five year olds when we get back.

Gabrielle and her best friend Jodie

mercredi 11 mars 2009

Unplugged Biscuits...and Pizza's

This is our first "unplugged" contribution and my children all agreed that cooking and feasting were things that made them happy, so they made their own pizzas and Marie-Kate made some very well risen biscuits.

MK's cut out a butterfly pizza out of the dough (with a little help). Gabrielle made a capital "G" pizza and Alexis a fish-shaped pizza. Oliver and Charlotte were at school so I prepared XL for hungry teenagers pizzas.

"A Table" Marie-Kate

Alexis's pizza " My fish has swallowed an egg"!

Gabrielle's big "G" pizza(Our local farmer's first courgettes of the year were yummy).

Happy Biscuits in the making.

Quick, take a photo before they're all gone.

lundi 9 mars 2009


Our Almond tree's in flower, our Mimosa too and despite the strong wind, it's starting to feel like spring. Gabrielle and Marie-Kate made some Picasso flowers to celebrate.