dimanche 15 mars 2009

Cookie Party

The one that was saved (for now anyhow)

Yesterday, Gaby had a small birthday party with three of her girlfriends from school. This years theme was "cookies" as Gabrielle recently read the book Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson (one of her favourite authors) and thought it would be fun to make some together. Now, I know how to make cookies, however, these French girls did not, but they were very sure that it would be easy...Oh I nearly forgot, they decided to make "nutella" cookies, and I have never made those before.

They made the cake, too.

And in-between making and baking they decorated their cooking aprons and cookie plates.

Gabrielle loves pigs, however she didn't like how her one turned out.

Finished aprons drying

The girls decorated the plates, one at a time, all together

Busy hands

No.1 Miam (yummy) Plate

No.2 My Dad Swallowed A Goldfish inspired plate(without a Dad) No.3 La Fête Party Plate

No.4 Musical Plate

Afterwards, the girls picked numbers from a hat to see which one they'd take home. Gabrielle got the "yummy" plate, Jodie, the goldfish one, Noemy got the "fête" one, and Elisa the "musical one.

It really was a super afternoon, the five hours just flew by, the girls went home with their hands full of cookies, plates and aprons. The next birthday is next month, we're off to London for a couple of days, we'll invite a couple of excited five year olds when we get back.

Gabrielle and her best friend Jodie

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