mardi 17 mars 2009

Légumes in Provence..and strawberries

Spring's definitely arrived in our little town by the sea
Every Tuesday after the school run I go to get my vegetables from a local farmer, I usually spend 20 Euros per week (25 dollars/£18), her market stall is the only one that has nothing left by 10.30.

Today, I was really happy because she had her very first Gariguette strawberries of the season, ok, these weren't cheap, I paid 3,50E but they're to die for, I'll have to save them for the children, especially for Marie-Kate, who's crazy for these, and she's had to wait a long time for the season to begin.

Marie-Kate aged 3(April 2007) with her Strawberry Pavalova birthday cake

I'll savour the brocoli, she will not have any more after this week....

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