mercredi 11 mars 2009

Unplugged Biscuits...and Pizza's

This is our first "unplugged" contribution and my children all agreed that cooking and feasting were things that made them happy, so they made their own pizzas and Marie-Kate made some very well risen biscuits.

MK's cut out a butterfly pizza out of the dough (with a little help). Gabrielle made a capital "G" pizza and Alexis a fish-shaped pizza. Oliver and Charlotte were at school so I prepared XL for hungry teenagers pizzas.

"A Table" Marie-Kate

Alexis's pizza " My fish has swallowed an egg"!

Gabrielle's big "G" pizza(Our local farmer's first courgettes of the year were yummy).

Happy Biscuits in the making.

Quick, take a photo before they're all gone.

5 commentaires:

  1. Those look delish! I hope some day I can put a plate of food that big in front of my girl, and have hope that she would eat more than a bite!

  2. My children are all gourmands, they'll eat just about anything...aprt from snails, frogs...Alexis hates onions, Oliver refuses to eat advocados, Charlotte, it's mushrooms and Gabrielle doesn't like fish, with one exception being salmon.
    Thanks for your comments:))

  3. The fish and egg just made my day :D !