dimanche 29 mars 2009

Yaka l'fer..long project

We have fallen behind this week, but we managed to do this weeks unplugged project in the end.

We used a very long piece of wire and cut it up to make a couple of acrobates on a high-wire, (trying to copy the style of Alexandre Calder)
We cut each piece of wire into three segments, one for the bar, one for the head and hands, and one for the legs.

We made a support with some cardboard so we could hang our little acrobates, attaching them to it with coloured string.

We cut out little triangles and circles for their clothes

It's hard to capture them on photo....

Here's one waiting for his partner

Gabrielle's acrobate ready to go

Now they are ready to swing and do somersaults...mmmm... maybe not ours.

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