dimanche 19 avril 2009

Annual Turn Off Week Blog challenge

Over on Unplug Your Kids, they are hosting "Turn Off Week" between the 20th and 26th of April.

We have decided to go a long with this challenge, despite the fact they we are going to London on Thursday.

We aim not switch on the television at all, apart from on Wednesday evening to watch House (can't miss that).

The children have agreed to watch just one television programme a day (assuming there's something good to watch!). They hardly watch tv.

Our eldest, Oliver has agreed that he will only use his ipod touch and/or psp 1 hour a day (that would be an amazing feat for him).

Charlotte promises to limit her radio one time to 2 hours per day ( it's normally always on when she's in her room.

And finally, the most difficult, I shall limit myself to 15 minutes a day to read blogs and mail....this one will be difficult!

6 commentaires:

  1. I've done it before, and I highly recommend it. Good luck!

  2. We did it for two years, no tv, we put it back on to help MK in French as I speak only English at home, it was wonderful before the tv came back, I regret plugging the tv in again.... Her French is better than her English now and thats not the case for the other four children ( we'll tturn that around with time, fingers crossed)

  3. Good luck! We too watch "house" but we will be tivo-ing it!! LOL i think i will try the computer limit you are setting too,... 15 minutes is not that bad! :)

  4. The computer will be the hard thing for me also. Good luck. Hope you have a great week.

  5. I shall be quick. I will not be watching House after all, the season finished last week (it was so good too), so no tv this week at all.
    15 minutes of radio,I just turned off, till this evening.
    Good luck everyone