mercredi 8 avril 2009

Decluttering: Day One

Still can't decide if to start with the boys room or the art corner.

For the next two weeks I'm going to declutter our house for spring, we've accumalated far too many things over the years that no long serve a purpose or never have!

Sunday morning, Alain and I started decluttering the garage. We managed to get a quarter of it cleared, we've never managed to fit a car in it, it's pretty hard to fit a person in there, well that was before we started. We took two car loads of junk to the tip, four sack loads for charity and a pile of things for friends and neighbours. There's at least 300 books to go through now in there, I am an hoarder when it comes to these, however, space is restricted and I need to find good homes for them.
I have lots of skis to give away too, we prefer cross-country skiing so our alpin skis are now surplus to requirements.
I'll add some before, during and after photos later.

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