mardi 7 avril 2009

Unplugged Project: Words

The children aren't usually short of words, but they are this week. The weather is unpredictable which elicits their hot tempers and irritability.... We're counting down the days until school breaks up for two weeks. Tomorrow is Wednesday, hence no school, so just 5 days to go ( Easter Monday, no school and no work).

Gabrielle decided like Alexis to do an Easter themed unplugged "word" project. Gabrielle, wrote a poem around her chocolate egg. Sorry, it's written in French, if you can't read it well on the photo, she wrote:

Les oeufs de Pâques?
Les cloches les emmenent.
Mais pas qu'eux!
Des poules, des lapins et bien plus sont bien cachés dans le jardin.

Alexis made a flyer to remind everyone (hmm, no need here) that we will holding our annual Easter Egg Hunt in our garden, Sunday. He thought of some different words that make him think of Easter and wrote them around and inside his egg (I said they were short of words...) .
(Weather permitting)

Six little words that Alexis loves

I bought some pastels for the children today, it was the first time they've tried them out, their pictures smudged a bit.

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