samedi 16 mai 2009

Il y a de soleil (enfin)unplugged project

To celebrate the sun's belated return to a rather rainy south of France, we decided to experiment with a solar oven (rudimentary one), and cook an egg for this weeks unplugged project. First, Alexis painted a the outside of a tin can black.
Then he put some aluminumn foil inside

He popped the can in a hole in the sunniest part of the garden, making sure he didn't put soil in the can, he cracked open an egg and lost most of it on the soil (never mind)
He placed a piece of glass on top and hour later, nothing had changed ( temperature today in the shade 23°c) so we resorted to further measures, we attached one of Marie-Kate's mirrors onto a bamboo and orientated it, to have the sun's reflection on the glass.

Two hours later, no change, moved the mirror a bit more, now we'll wait.

A couple of hours later, no change, oh dear, never mind, doesn't anyone have an idea just how hot it needs to be to cook an egg using this method?

Even though our unplugged project didn't quite turn out as it should have, we're not going to give up. Next weekend we're going to attempt to build a solar oven using a pizza box.
Two hours later, no change, moved the mirror a bit more, now we'll wait.

Update, lunch-time the following day, the egg looks half-cooked, however, it could just be dry...

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  1. lol funny, it can be done, we did a similar experiment at university making a solar oven and cooked a sausage! Canmt remember how we made it though :(