dimanche 10 mai 2009

Last restaurant: Imli

Imli(wall decor)

Imli is in Soho on Wardour Street. It's best to go there before 6pm with children because they have a special children's 3 course meal for £5.99, we didn't know that before, we never eat that early. On arriving in the restaurant, we weren't told that, never mind, it was still worth eating in with the children. The staff helped us choosing suitable food for the children (not too spicy) and Alain and I had the tasting menu for two. The lamb was fantastic, the smoked fish too.
I was a bit disappointed with the dessert, carrot fudge, it was a little dry and the ice-cream wasn't so good either.

It was the most expensive restaurant we dined in while in London, costing £92 including tips and wine. With hindsight, it's probably better to eat here with older children, Marie-Kate found the food still too spicy for her liking.

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