mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Spray Painting by Alexis and MK

It's really too hot here to do much in the afternoon besides taking a dip in the pool or sheltering from the heat inside. So we try to do things before lunch.

As we are in the midst of clearing out the clutter from the garage to allow the children to have half of it as a hobby room, we needed a room divider.
I found and old sheet and the children found our old "Busy Book" that I bought for the children years ago and they decided to use an old spray bottle and some paint to brighten it up a little.

They had heaps of fun and still haven't managed to get all the paint off themselves.
Finshed Sheet, drying in the sun.

jeudi 23 juillet 2009

Gingerbread afternoon

Trying to keep the children busy and happy is really hard, especially when the school vacation lasts 8 weeks. The first two weeks flew by, we when to the UK camping ( yes, it rained everyday) and one week in Brittany, in all we drove 3868kms.

The children (even the teenagers) made some gingerbread human(ish) shaped biscuits.

Now we're off to clean out the garage, we're going to make it into a hobby room (too much stuff to get a car in there!)

mardi 21 juillet 2009

Wind Chimes

We've been pretty busy, no time for blogging. We managed to get a whole load of shells and decided to make some wind chimes. Charlotte really loved making them.

You need some shells, some string, a bit of wood, some old rope and a drill

I''ll post a couple of photos of the wind chimes in-situ when I have time.

mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Two male gerbils and their 5 babies

I always thought that Romain was a girl and my suspisions were corfirmed a little less than 3 weeks ago when Gaby shouted to come and see Romain because he had done some unusual caca's (her words), infact the pink things she saw, were 5 little babies. Daughter Charlotte who procured both Luca( the father) and Romain( now mother) and who had assured us that they were both males, tried her best to be surprised, but I'm not so sure.

Photos to come soon

School's out

Yippee, tomorrow is the last day of school before the long summer break. Our two terrible teenagers are flying "alone" to Brittany tomorrow to stay with the grand-parents for a couple of weeks, while we drive up to Calais and the Euro Tunnel to spend one week camping " à la ferme" on the Surrey/Sussex border. Camping without electricity was just too difficult of O and C to comtemplate, hence their trip to Brittany.

Gaby, Alexis and Marie Kate will be able to enjoy a real (organic) working farm, fetching fresh eggs each morning, reading, dreaming and playing, what bliss.

We don't even have to shop, the farm has a "honesty shop" where we can stock up on organic sausages, eggs, milk, cetera, the list is long.

On the way back, we'll go to Brittany and pick up Oliver and Charlotte and spend perhaps another week there.

Marie-Kate on the local beach (2007) just 50 metres from home in Brittany.