jeudi 20 août 2009

Summer souvenirs: Leeds Castle

Before coming back to France via the Euro Tunnel we visited Leeds Castle which isn't in Leeds but in Maidstone! We had a great time visiting the castle and the grounds. The entrance fee as quite expensive for the 5 of us ( O and C stayed in France), costing more than £70. At least the children know the name of one English king, Henry VIII. Gaby has even written a story about him. She's always writing...In fact it was this week-end Oliver had his first homework assignment in French, using several chess pieces as the caracters (a king, a queen, 2 towers, a guard and another character of your choice) he said if could think of anything to write. Gaby looked at the subject and came up with something fast. I might post it on the blog (it's already be typed up by G on the computer).

Back to the castle, the grounds are so extensive, you would really need a whole day there to explore every thing. There's an enormous adventure playground for children, so big that we lost the children a couple of times, that was scary.

We enjoyed the castle visit too, the children had hidden objects to find in each room, so that kept them amused.

Summer souvenirs: Featherdown Farms/ Un Lit au Pré

We really enjoyed our comfy camping holiday in July.
Our tent was more like a house but with canvas walls and wooden floors, real beds, a flushing loo and cold running water, no electricity, no hot water and a wood burning stove to cook on. When it got dark there were oil lights and candles to provide light. which gave a lovely atmosphere. There was an honesty shop where you could buy meat from the farm, eggs (although you can also collect eggs directly from the chickens), ice cream, beer etc. The children loved to go there, choosing ice-lollies and treats and writing down what they took on the honesty list, after 5 days the list took up a whole A4 page! We managed to really relax and have fun with the children.

Summer souvenirs: Forever England

Gaby found another Jacqueline Wilson book to read (or two)

We found a great farm shop in Rudgick called secretts, if only we had one here in Sanary. Gaby's pictured above with her soon to be beheaded Gingerbread man.

It rained a little everyday. We got caught it a down pour on a 8 mile bike ride to The Red Lion village pub in Slinfold. The food was great, it would have been better if we could have eaten outside in the beer garden.
We did manage to eat in the field outside of our tent a couple of times. We had the place to ourselves....

Summer souvenirs: England

We're back from our last holiday this summer, now the countdown has begun to go back to school, only 14 days to go.

48 days since school broke up, 3 countries and over 5000 kms later, I thought I should blog a little about it all, before I forget...
Here's what we've been up to so far

Alexis discovered Cricket

The children collected fresh eggs every morning

Marie-Kate strutted round like a hen

Marie-Kate became a shephardess

If all the year were playing holidays; To sport would be as tedious as to work.
Si' l'on passait l'année entière en vacances; s'amuser serait aussi épuisant que travailler.
William Shakespeare

mercredi 12 août 2009

Summer Sewing

Gabrielle and I have decided to have a go at sewing. We found our old sewing machine in our much tidier garage recently, and she has been wanting to machine sew since then. I've probably done about one hour of sewing(with a machine) in my whole life and Gaby, never.

We are waiting for some books from Amazon to help us get started, they will be here tomorrow.......we couldn't wait till then without having a try.

What started out as a skirt for Marie-Kate became a dress.
Ok, I didn't really measure anything properly, and had to use school scissors to cut out the fabric, what a messy job, but Marie-Kate loves her dress and I can only get better with time, I hope.

Gabrielle's sewing at the moment, she wants to be left alone ( I 'm 3 metres away), photos to come soon....