mercredi 12 août 2009

Summer Sewing

Gabrielle and I have decided to have a go at sewing. We found our old sewing machine in our much tidier garage recently, and she has been wanting to machine sew since then. I've probably done about one hour of sewing(with a machine) in my whole life and Gaby, never.

We are waiting for some books from Amazon to help us get started, they will be here tomorrow.......we couldn't wait till then without having a try.

What started out as a skirt for Marie-Kate became a dress.
Ok, I didn't really measure anything properly, and had to use school scissors to cut out the fabric, what a messy job, but Marie-Kate loves her dress and I can only get better with time, I hope.

Gabrielle's sewing at the moment, she wants to be left alone ( I 'm 3 metres away), photos to come soon....

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