jeudi 20 août 2009

Summer souvenirs: Featherdown Farms/ Un Lit au Pré

We really enjoyed our comfy camping holiday in July.
Our tent was more like a house but with canvas walls and wooden floors, real beds, a flushing loo and cold running water, no electricity, no hot water and a wood burning stove to cook on. When it got dark there were oil lights and candles to provide light. which gave a lovely atmosphere. There was an honesty shop where you could buy meat from the farm, eggs (although you can also collect eggs directly from the chickens), ice cream, beer etc. The children loved to go there, choosing ice-lollies and treats and writing down what they took on the honesty list, after 5 days the list took up a whole A4 page! We managed to really relax and have fun with the children.

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