jeudi 20 août 2009

Summer souvenirs: Leeds Castle

Before coming back to France via the Euro Tunnel we visited Leeds Castle which isn't in Leeds but in Maidstone! We had a great time visiting the castle and the grounds. The entrance fee as quite expensive for the 5 of us ( O and C stayed in France), costing more than £70. At least the children know the name of one English king, Henry VIII. Gaby has even written a story about him. She's always writing...In fact it was this week-end Oliver had his first homework assignment in French, using several chess pieces as the caracters (a king, a queen, 2 towers, a guard and another character of your choice) he said if could think of anything to write. Gaby looked at the subject and came up with something fast. I might post it on the blog (it's already be typed up by G on the computer).

Back to the castle, the grounds are so extensive, you would really need a whole day there to explore every thing. There's an enormous adventure playground for children, so big that we lost the children a couple of times, that was scary.

We enjoyed the castle visit too, the children had hidden objects to find in each room, so that kept them amused.

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