mercredi 30 septembre 2009

Sunday's Soup

My favourite soup tureen
After a hard day decluttering, we made a easy soup and the girls chopped up some melon and some mozzarella to make a salad for us all to share.

We're still eating outside, both for lunch and dinner, as the weather's still great. (probably will till the clocks go forward towards the end of October).

dimanche 27 septembre 2009

This Old House

Marie-Kate playing with her 1970's dolls house

Ok, it has taken a little time to have a routine since the children returned to school, but I think we're organised now. Five children , four different schools, four different timetables...
1. Oliver 7.20 each day to catch school bus
2. Charlotte 7.45 to be dropped in-front of college
3. Gaby and Alexis to be at school for 8.20
4. MK to arrive in class before 8.40

All children (apart from Oliver) eat at home... first pick-up is MK at 11.20, then Gaby and Alexis at 11.30, dart home, yummy(hopefully) food in oven and Charlotte who's home for 12ish.
Back in car at 13.10, drop-off Charlotte, the G and A before 13.30 and finally MK before 13.40... now I al able to recover, until I begin again at 16.20 just up until 18.00, no until dear hubby arrived home, usually about 19.30.

That's my average day, not that I'm complaining, it's just I
don't have time to check-out my favourite blogs, well at least just up until today.

What has changed?

I've decluttered ( especially in Charlotte's and Marie-Kate's room (that makes me feel so good)

A Corner of Marie-Kate's room

I've signed all school work in advance (quite a defeat for me)
I've cleaned the house from top to bottom. Just the garden to do, but not this week.

Post-Script: Today's Wednesday, guess what? The house is still looking good, even the girls room!

mercredi 9 septembre 2009

Candy Floss

That was one big candy floss

Every evening just outside our appartment in Barcelona, there was a fun fair. The children weren't interested in having a ride on a bumper car or any other of the rides for that matter, however, they definitely were in desperate need for a candy floss at the end of each busy day.

a little later

Alexis' eyes were bigger than his tummy, he just couldn't finish his candy floss. It was just too much for one little boy!


Barcelona is a 5 hour drive from our house, and after years of saying shall we, we actually drove there this summer. Why did we wait so long?

We got to visit some of Barcelona's most famous markets. Even bought some pata negra, a little piece though, when 1kg costs 170 euros you can only afford a small piece.

We visited the aquarium. We arrive there late, hoping it wasn't going to shut too early. We should have known, Spanish live and eat late, so the aquarium was open till 11pm, which was great for us.

We all loved the Picasso museum, even Alexis and Marie-Kate loved it just as much as the aquarium, so that's saying something. The queue was long but it really worth it( since then, we visited the Expo Picasso Cezanne in Aix en Provence). Alexis and Gaby have been producing Picasso style art work ever since.

Back to school

Ready for school? Not quite.
When I remember, and when I have time, I try and take a photo of the children on the first day of school. Gaby, Alexis and Marie-Kate started back to school last Thursday morning and as you can see by the photo, I remembered and found some time, shame though, they weren't happy at all. School wasn't the problem, my children love school, it was Gaby who had upset Alexis, hence Alexis' despondent look, and as for Gaby, her smile is as false as one can get.
Charlotte when back to college (3eme) for 2 hours in the afternoon, and Oliver to high school on Friday.
Now I have 4 school agenda's to check, 1 teenager to push to get his homework done ( MK doesn't have homework and the others are independant and organized).
O and C are the only ones that go to school on Wednesday's, like today. The house is so calm, no teenagers for another couple of hours...phew.

dimanche 6 septembre 2009


Spots...... They both are just discovering what it's like to wake up with a couple of new ones each day. It's their main subject of conversation apart from when they are moaning about their teacher's downfalls. They examin each others faces regularly looking for new arrivals, with comments like " Wow, that one enormous, you'd better go and squeeze it fast" (they can become quite revolting...) As they are both quite vain, they'll try anything to reduce their numbers.....After I took this photo, they applied a home-made facial mask that consisted of egg yolks and honey.....Guess what? Two weeks later, they still have spots, only this time, more!