mercredi 9 septembre 2009


Barcelona is a 5 hour drive from our house, and after years of saying shall we, we actually drove there this summer. Why did we wait so long?

We got to visit some of Barcelona's most famous markets. Even bought some pata negra, a little piece though, when 1kg costs 170 euros you can only afford a small piece.

We visited the aquarium. We arrive there late, hoping it wasn't going to shut too early. We should have known, Spanish live and eat late, so the aquarium was open till 11pm, which was great for us.

We all loved the Picasso museum, even Alexis and Marie-Kate loved it just as much as the aquarium, so that's saying something. The queue was long but it really worth it( since then, we visited the Expo Picasso Cezanne in Aix en Provence). Alexis and Gaby have been producing Picasso style art work ever since.

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