dimanche 27 septembre 2009

This Old House

Marie-Kate playing with her 1970's dolls house

Ok, it has taken a little time to have a routine since the children returned to school, but I think we're organised now. Five children , four different schools, four different timetables...
1. Oliver 7.20 each day to catch school bus
2. Charlotte 7.45 to be dropped in-front of college
3. Gaby and Alexis to be at school for 8.20
4. MK to arrive in class before 8.40

All children (apart from Oliver) eat at home... first pick-up is MK at 11.20, then Gaby and Alexis at 11.30, dart home, yummy(hopefully) food in oven and Charlotte who's home for 12ish.
Back in car at 13.10, drop-off Charlotte, the G and A before 13.30 and finally MK before 13.40... now I al able to recover, until I begin again at 16.20 just up until 18.00, no until dear hubby arrived home, usually about 19.30.

That's my average day, not that I'm complaining, it's just I
don't have time to check-out my favourite blogs, well at least just up until today.

What has changed?

I've decluttered ( especially in Charlotte's and Marie-Kate's room (that makes me feel so good)

A Corner of Marie-Kate's room

I've signed all school work in advance (quite a defeat for me)
I've cleaned the house from top to bottom. Just the garden to do, but not this week.

Post-Script: Today's Wednesday, guess what? The house is still looking good, even the girls room!

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