jeudi 18 novembre 2010

This New House

Going to have to change that plastic door handle real soon

We put the house on the market in Sanary in June and sold it on the 28th July after probably 50 visits via PAP and real estate agents.
It took 6 long weeks to sell, something of which I'm not used too, as all the houses I have ever owned (three) before sold within days and only after a couple of visits. These house were in the UK, perhaps that's where lies the difference.
Anyhow, here we are in the Yvelines. We bought the first house we visited, and it wasn't even on our list. We visited 7 more just to be sure but we were all smitten by this house, despite the work that would be needed.

house and shutters to be painted next spring

I am working on the floors, which is tiresome, and we have the painting to do everywhere!

25m2 just in this bedroom

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