vendredi 31 décembre 2010

7 hours to transform this...! Before

I took this shot a couple of minutes ago, yes, what a mess. I promise, it isn't staged to make it worse, it really is a mess. This is our 2nd floor landing which leads to Gaby's, Alexis' and MK's bedrooms. The idea is to finish this room today (a little more stripping, painting of ceiling, walls and woodwork and varnishing floor). As I am an eternal optimist I am hoping to finish it around 4ish, or at least before 2011 knocks at our door...Yikes, better get started.
Oh yes, this space will be home to their shared computer, a present this year.

Update 18h30 Have I finished? No way, just painted ceiling and changed my mind about the dominant colour "orange" which just doesn't go, so the choice is between bright yellow or red bus red. But nows time to chill out at home, with those I love, and we are eating raclette...yummy

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