lundi 6 décembre 2010

Now I like Mondays

Marie-Kate eats at home on Mondays. It's nice to have some one to one time with her, we make lunch, sometimes cakes(cupcakes today) and get to read a couple of books.
She's crazy for garlic croutons with or without soup, today she ate so many and said she'd have keep her cupcake(s) for after school (too full).
Cupcakes waiting for little hands at 4.30 (MK took this shot)

Lucky for her that I'm the only one at home this afternoon and that I am trying to cut down on all things sweet.
French lunch breaks last 2 hours, so you can fit in lots to do, eat, talk, play lego and read. MK often chooses the same books. She knows the stories off by heart but never gets bored of any of them. Her favorite sofa book right now is The Man who walked between the towers, the pictures are awesome and the story poignant.

I've started my Christmas "book" shopping on Amazon and as always, have ordered the Caldecott medal winner from this year and the Newbery one too, along with a couple of honor books. I know I'm English but I usually prefer American literature to British, especially for children.

2 commentaires:

  1. Hope you enjoy your new life in France.

  2. Hi Hélène,

    I'm not new to France, just to this area. We lived in the south for 10 years. We'd had enough of the sun and now we have snow instead.