lundi 31 janvier 2011


1970's green kitchen with highly glossed walls

I used to kind of like green, but since living here with this kitchen, I've changed my mind. We have got green doors, a green mosaic worktop and splash-back and up until Saturday we had this colour on the opposite side of the room where the cupboards once stood, ten doors painted green, making our 18m2 kitchen look much smaller than it really is.

The cupboards were here, now we just have a very dirty wall and two self-portraits of Oliver and Charlotte from when they were in nursery school.

We bought this buffet on Saturday to take it's place. When we do the kitchen (very soon) I'll probably paint it, well that's if I keep to a neutral colour scheme for the walls, but if I go for a strong colour, I'll just leave it as it is.

Lunch was great and as for the *tart, there was just not enough for second helpings, so much for the diet.

Never got to the tip, nor did the laundry, but got Alexis' hair cut, and Charlotte's coat, that's where it should have stopped, but Gaby came shopping too, so she got a coat too, and some jeans and a top, then Charlotte some shorts, yes shorts in this weather...Ending up spending 200 euros instead of 34 euros for a coat in the sales!
Freezing cold today, - 6°c.

*lemons were used, couldn't find organic limes.

dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Yesterday and Today

We got a lot accomplished yesterday, including starting dismantling the span of floor to ceiling cupboards in the kitchen (no photos of the before or during, but soon one of the after, you can see where the cupboards once stood), to buying a new buffet cupboard from our favourite thrift shop, and to top it off, going out:) Alexis went fencing, late, but he went.
Today, and from now on, I'm going to compile a list of things to do, to see how much we actually get done. Here goes...

Grocery shopping
Buy a coat for Charlotte
Amenity tip (kitchen cupboards)
Haircut for Alexis
Cooking... Pork chops in mustard sauce followed by Lime tart (Nigel Slater) accompanied by a bottle of something bubbly.

samedi 29 janvier 2011

En Attendant Godet

Ce soir nous allons sortir en amoureux à Paris...non je plaisante, en effet nous irons à Plaisir.
En attendant Godot Eurydice-ESAT Plaisir
D'ailleurs, ce sera la première fois que nous sortons de notre nouvelle maison sans enfant sauf pour faire des courses).
Quel on arrive à partir.


We made it there, the play was excellent and the company too.
Before going, we had hoped to grab a bite to eat at KFC (not enough time for a restaurant with only 30 minutes to spare) Unfortunately we were forced to retreat and watch the play on an empty stomach because of the CGT (French Union), who were blocking the entrance in support of a KFC worker who'd been sacked...Vivre La France!

vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Chateau going, going, gone

Le Chateau d'Hardricourt

Today, and stumbled upon this chateau (I went out to try and find it, really), it's in a neighboring village and it has recently been bought by an anonymous bidder at an auction in Versailles.

It once belonged to African dictator Jean-Bedeal Bokassa (Central African Republic). Profits from the sale will be divided between an estimated 50 people who claim to be his heirs

Sold for 915,00 Euros ($1,2 million/760,000 pounds), is reported to be in a bad state and would take up to 3 million euros to restore it to it's former glory.
Some say it's going to be a second home for a wealthy couple, but I can see a property developer behind all of this and 5 or 6 luxury apartments on the way.

What have I been doing?

Well a lot of reading. I am a sporadic reader, and I'm definitely in reading mode at the moment. Yesterday I picked up another couple of new books at the supermarket (miss my favourite bookshop in Sanary, Baba Yaga), and finished one in the afternoon titled Le Fait du Prince by Amélie Nothomb which I liked immensely for the first three quarters of the book, but frustrating from there on in and as for the end, so rushed.
Other books I've been reading :-
Molloy by Samuel Beckett
Skin by Mo Hayder
L'Enfant Allemand by Camilla Lackberg
Bonne Nuit, Mon Amour
La Métamorphose by Franz Kafka (borrowed from Gaby's bookcase)
Library of the Dead by Glenn Cooper
Stitches by David Small

The bedside table is one of two, that Mr H left, the one who we bought the house from, he said he didn't want them and besides they weren't worth anything, just plastic!
Well, I bit my tongue and smiled internally, because I wanted him to leave them, and I certainly wasn't going to tell him that they were Joe Colombo boby carts, these ones dating from the early 70's when he bought the house....I guess we were lucky.

Our bedroom is the last one to paint, we're off to get some F & B paint tomorrow.

Grumpy Ol's room (still not finished)

I've been on go slow for the last 7 days or so. Before thought, I did manage to "almost" finish Oliver's room...well actually I have a quite a lot to finish, the ceiling , curtains to buy, new bed, one with castor wheels, low and lofty, plus a bookworm..........
I chose chocolate and beige, though the beige looks white. Oliver wanted white.

There's lots of pipes that pass through his room, the vertical ones have been kind of camouflaged by Oliver's many postcards, as for the others (not on photo) maybe one day Alain will box these ones in, when he isn't in Norway, Singapore, Holland or somewhere else in the world.

His desk was found in the cellar here, he liked it, so I cleaned it up which took ages and voila.

lundi 10 janvier 2011

Nautical Bunting and the department next door

Alexis' nautical bunting arrived from the UK today and Alexis decided where he wanted it put. I had thought about suspending in over the middle of his bedroom, but that wasn't an option.

Val d'Oise is the department next door to ours, where Marie-Kate's pony club is. I won't tell you where I found this map, you can guess.

A tiny peak in Gaby's room

I just love Famille Summerbelle's maps, so much so, we have three. This one is London, Gaby's favorite place in the whole world. I just need the New York one for Charlotte and then we'll have the whole set. Gaby's desk was found at our local "troc" for 50 euros, her chair "Hello There" was once mine and she has a segment of an enormous school black (green) board behind her it from a Troc (thrift shop) in the south of France

Probably never be this tidy again. Teenager room

After days of scrapping and 7 hours of sanding and all the bits and bobs to finish (still not finished by the way), Charlotte's room is looking tidy for the first time since we moved in here way back in October.

I thought I take a couple of photos before a teenager bomb hits it after school...but who knows, she might just change, she did actually made her bed for the first time this morning!

Yet another dusty radiator to clean and paint.

Wardrobe found in local thrift shop (tv just for English dvd's, she's crazy for Friends)

Charlotte likes to do her homework in bed so this desk should stay tidy.

I'm internet shopping for a vintage New York poster, a garland or two and a Famille Summerbelle New York map print. And Charlotte hates her Indian lamp on her desk so that needs changing.

vendredi 7 janvier 2011

Messy teenager's bedroom...can't get worst

Started Charlotte's room, and thought I better get a picture taken before I finish scrapping and sanding. No wallpaper to strip here...phew, and the walls have already been painted by my impatience teenager, so just they just need a wash down and maybe a lick of paint here and there and all the woodwork needs doing:(.
I'd like to finish before Sunday when Alain gets back from Singapore, but with two parties this weekend and Alexis' sword-fencing and the book I bought today, L'enfant allemand by Camilla Läckberg, this looks unlikely, oh hum.

jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Tobie Lolness, The Canterville Ghost ...les poupées de MK

Bookworm Marie-Kate has made huge leaps and bounds in her reading since starting CP in September. Sophie's Tom is her bedtime book that we share each evening, we just love Dick King Smith. And for the past week as soon as she gets up, before school (and after) she reads Tobie Lolness, I mean really reads it and asks for help if she doesn't understand a word or pronuniciation.

Still on the subject of books and reading, yesterday I found a copy of The Canterville Ghost (easy reader one) in our local library, and thought I'd give it a try last night with Alexis and Marie-Kate. To my great surprise they were engrossed from the first page (Oliver and Charlotte abhorred any classic when they were small and still do, only Gabrielle devours just about any book she comes across)!
Two good things to mention about this little book, one, at the end of each chapter, there are some questions to see if you've been listening correctly (squabbles to answer first) and two, there are four more of these books left on the library shelf, so Saturday afternoon we have a date to keep (library open twice a week for just 2 hours) if they want to read The Hound of the Baskervilles, Five on Treasure Island et cetera...)

Pour finir, avec du retard, une photo prise par Marie-Kate pour sa Mamie et sa Grannie de ses poupées.

mardi 4 janvier 2011

Second floor landing...Shared computer space

We went for yellow in the end, a colour that I usually dislike, but here, I think it works fine, and it's better than the orange I tried out and as Gaby has red in her bedroom, she was against us using the same colour!
I painted the cupboard doors with blackboard paint and make a temporary bunting with Marie-Kate yesterday while I look for something better.
The table was once again found in our local thrift shop (I love this place) for 8 euros, I'm not going to paint it.

Shopping list: round rug, garland (I love these things), paint for bedroom doors and a bookcase for bds and books and some more chalk.

Hard decision coming up; restore floor (more glue and cement) in an untidy 15 year old girl's room, enter at your own rest type room. Or do 16 year old boy's room, the difference here, he stuffs all his junk, laundry, et cetera in his fitted cupboards ( which incidentally will have to come down too).