lundi 31 janvier 2011


1970's green kitchen with highly glossed walls

I used to kind of like green, but since living here with this kitchen, I've changed my mind. We have got green doors, a green mosaic worktop and splash-back and up until Saturday we had this colour on the opposite side of the room where the cupboards once stood, ten doors painted green, making our 18m2 kitchen look much smaller than it really is.

The cupboards were here, now we just have a very dirty wall and two self-portraits of Oliver and Charlotte from when they were in nursery school.

We bought this buffet on Saturday to take it's place. When we do the kitchen (very soon) I'll probably paint it, well that's if I keep to a neutral colour scheme for the walls, but if I go for a strong colour, I'll just leave it as it is.

Lunch was great and as for the *tart, there was just not enough for second helpings, so much for the diet.

Never got to the tip, nor did the laundry, but got Alexis' hair cut, and Charlotte's coat, that's where it should have stopped, but Gaby came shopping too, so she got a coat too, and some jeans and a top, then Charlotte some shorts, yes shorts in this weather...Ending up spending 200 euros instead of 34 euros for a coat in the sales!
Freezing cold today, - 6°c.

*lemons were used, couldn't find organic limes.

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