lundi 10 janvier 2011

Probably never be this tidy again. Teenager room

After days of scrapping and 7 hours of sanding and all the bits and bobs to finish (still not finished by the way), Charlotte's room is looking tidy for the first time since we moved in here way back in October.

I thought I take a couple of photos before a teenager bomb hits it after school...but who knows, she might just change, she did actually made her bed for the first time this morning!

Yet another dusty radiator to clean and paint.

Wardrobe found in local thrift shop (tv just for English dvd's, she's crazy for Friends)

Charlotte likes to do her homework in bed so this desk should stay tidy.

I'm internet shopping for a vintage New York poster, a garland or two and a Famille Summerbelle New York map print. And Charlotte hates her Indian lamp on her desk so that needs changing.

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