mardi 4 janvier 2011

Second floor landing...Shared computer space

We went for yellow in the end, a colour that I usually dislike, but here, I think it works fine, and it's better than the orange I tried out and as Gaby has red in her bedroom, she was against us using the same colour!
I painted the cupboard doors with blackboard paint and make a temporary bunting with Marie-Kate yesterday while I look for something better.
The table was once again found in our local thrift shop (I love this place) for 8 euros, I'm not going to paint it.

Shopping list: round rug, garland (I love these things), paint for bedroom doors and a bookcase for bds and books and some more chalk.

Hard decision coming up; restore floor (more glue and cement) in an untidy 15 year old girl's room, enter at your own rest type room. Or do 16 year old boy's room, the difference here, he stuffs all his junk, laundry, et cetera in his fitted cupboards ( which incidentally will have to come down too).

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