vendredi 28 janvier 2011

What have I been doing?

Well a lot of reading. I am a sporadic reader, and I'm definitely in reading mode at the moment. Yesterday I picked up another couple of new books at the supermarket (miss my favourite bookshop in Sanary, Baba Yaga), and finished one in the afternoon titled Le Fait du Prince by Amélie Nothomb which I liked immensely for the first three quarters of the book, but frustrating from there on in and as for the end, so rushed.
Other books I've been reading :-
Molloy by Samuel Beckett
Skin by Mo Hayder
L'Enfant Allemand by Camilla Lackberg
Bonne Nuit, Mon Amour
La Métamorphose by Franz Kafka (borrowed from Gaby's bookcase)
Library of the Dead by Glenn Cooper
Stitches by David Small

The bedside table is one of two, that Mr H left, the one who we bought the house from, he said he didn't want them and besides they weren't worth anything, just plastic!
Well, I bit my tongue and smiled internally, because I wanted him to leave them, and I certainly wasn't going to tell him that they were Joe Colombo boby carts, these ones dating from the early 70's when he bought the house....I guess we were lucky.

Our bedroom is the last one to paint, we're off to get some F & B paint tomorrow.

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