dimanche 6 février 2011

107 days later

When we moved in here, there was a stair lift that Mr H had fitted for his wife. It went up right to the top floor and our children wanted to keep it cause it was more fun sliding down on its frame than using their tired legs.
Mr H had it fitted in 2001, his wife died soon after, sad. A constant reminder for him.
Anyhow, dear Alain said he'd take it down (save Mr H the worry, and the cost...he was quite a scrooge..400euros) so he bought an electric saw, good excuse to add to his collection of power tools. There was a little problem of electricity ( the electricity needs some work), so what does Alain do? He yanks the wires out from the lift, just like that, I didn't see it, I just heard the bang....
Well, he's all chuffed, because now he can saw, he cut the frame into manageable pieces and pops them outside. It's all still there, hidden, down some stairs that lead to a creepy cave. What was crazy was the weight of the actual chair, I couldn't lift it and nor could Alain, well barely. He needed helpful (rarely) teenage son to help.
Anyway, after the BANG, the light in the toilet didn't work, and it wasn't just the bulb, it was the fuse. Alain is an engineer. The fuse was difficult to work out, it took him 107 days to work it out, many teenager sleepovers and a party took place in between this time.
Oliver asked if he could invite a couple of friends to play xbox, well, a few turned out to be 25 and most stayed the night, they drunk a bit, used our lightless toilet( a lot) without too much mess, just one teenager who was sick all over a giant rug that Mr H left, a white one.
I still keep forgetting that I can now switch on the light, used to not having it, but Alain's feeling good about it and probably planning a task that could take even longer, if that's possible

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