jeudi 10 février 2011

22 children, how many could spell Joyeux Anniversaire?

Today, Alexis took a chocolate brownie birthday cake to share with his classmates, some candy and drinks. Only one boy didn't eat the cake, as he hates chocolate (in Sanary there were several like him...can't imagine not liking chocolate, school spinach, yes, but chocolate...)
It's tradition in his class to make a card for the birthday boy or girl, so Alexis got 21 (him being the 22nd).
Nice idea, I'll keep them for him, for when he's older.
Now I am not being pernickerty and laughing at anyone, really, as I am a terrible speller too, but I couldn't help but notice the different spellings for Happy Birthday in French, like
anniveirsaire (joyeux was good, Alexis even had the right to have some hearts thrown in too).
or anniverssaire or Jouayeux anniversere... Ok I shan't continue, but I just was wondering, if they make a card, for everyone's birthday, surely there would come a time when someone would put them right, no?
Alexis knows how, I've seen him do it, several times, so that's one in his class....and then, I counted just two others who managed.

3 out of 22!

And he's in a good class in a good school.

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