lundi 21 février 2011

Charlotte's Locks

charlotte's locks, masking tape and all

We have been busy being lazy, watching Fringe, Monk and House. The children have been playing in and out (especially a new Dance game on Xbox), going to friends and just generally chilling out. No homework has been completed (or started for some).
Alain and I went again to Paris on Saturday, again to the Conran Shop and Farrow and Ball.
I started painting the cornices in the entrance yesterday in Charlotte's locks, and a second coat this morning, I think it still needs another coat, maybe later today and then tomorrow I shall paint the walls. Charlotte's Locks is fairly bright and funky and I just hope it looks good with the other colors we have chosen, it certainly makes a change from blanc cassé, the color we painted our whole house in Sanary in, to sell it quicker.
On the subject of selling houses that are colorful, does this really put people off? Gaby has a friend who lives in an enormous house in a nearby village and it's for sale. They haven't mentioned it, but me who loves looking at interiors of others, especially when renovating, found their house on a real estate site.
I'd just been to pick Gaby up from there and I just loved their orange tv room but, on finding the
very same room on internet, I was baffled to see not only the orange but stripes of white in
the room that I have no recollection of seeing, since then I like it less. The house is wonderful
though, and if you've got 2million euros to spare, you'd get a 7h garden, 11 bedrooms,
100m2 sitting room and two cottages thrown in.

a tiny glimpse of the tv room (found on internet..hope they never see it)
The house has left such an impression on one of Gaby's friends, that now, she's too embarassed to invite this group of friends to her house, that I find sad. They have an English assignment to finish and I thought, they'd end up back at the big house again, but no I was wrong, they are all coming here, into our seriously in renovation house, with our yucky 1970's kitchen and that's fine by Gaby and I, what counts is friendship and not appearances, right?

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