mardi 8 février 2011

Les Niniches d'Alexis

A Parcel arrived from Brittany yesterday for birthday boy Alexis who's nine today. He doesn't know about the Niniches yet, nor his presents from his Papy and Mamie, but he obviously knew about some of his other presents, as this morning he said that he'd really like to have one present before school, so we gave him a new watch (this boy is a time control freak). He was happy enough but said he'd like one of his manga's, and I knew exactly where to find them, right under our bed...he's manga mad too.
Back to the Niniches, these lollies are so good, especially the caramel beurre ones, my favourite, lucky the tin's sealed (hard to resist), and there are for Alexis. He'll share them as the girls will insist, bribe him, negotiate, whatever it takes to have a niniche.

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