lundi 21 février 2011

Off his lead

Alexis who smiles from time to time

Now when we take Kinder for a walk, we can let him off his lead, not for long though, but still it's a break through. Funny, he pulls like mad on his lead, but when unattached, he stays really close-by.
There are many dogs in our village, and for insurance purposes you have to let your insurance company know that you have one, and you also need to put up a sign showing you have a dog on the outside your home...just in-case he bites the postman or someone else.

a typical sign warning you that there's a mean dog here, this one lives on our street

Kinder is not a mean dog, in fact he's a big softie and he's rather cat like, so I need to find a more appropriate sign.

Marie-Kate and Alexis actually venture out now we have Kinder, come rain or shine. There's a nice park and wood at the foot of our village, it's great going down but
the hike back up isn't such fun. One good thing for living at the top of a village is that the river Seine is right at the bottom, so your garden/house will not flood, however living at the top has a risk of land slides, yikes, I hope never.

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