jeudi 3 février 2011

Stairs and landing part one

Going up to 1st floor landing, half done

I'm stripping again. We've saved the hardest for last, the stairs and landings. today, it's the 1st floor that I'm attacking and I hope to get down to the half landing (going down towards entrance) before eI pick Gaby up at 3

landing from our bedroom

wallpaper still hanging on. way down to half-landing

going up to 2nd floor half-landing with giant floor to ceiling fitted cupboards

The floor and stairs have heavily waxed over the years. I want to strip the wood back or unwax it all and varnish. I'm toying with the idea of painting the vertical part in a colour like matchstick or a lighter shade.

As for the walls, well there I'm completely flummoxed. I did think of painting this area using neutral shades and down-pipe on the cupboards, but now I don't know whether a stronger colour would be better and warm it up more (we've have lots of natural light here, despite the exposition).

Matchstick by Farrow & Ball

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