lundi 28 mars 2011

Kitchen Update

the little compotier on the table was my thrift shop find this Sunday

We really thought that we would have got further on with our kitchen renovation this weekend, but sadly that wasn't the case. I think we were far too optimistic and now it seems like we have at least two more weekends of work. I can do some things on my own during the week, like clean and sand down the walls, ceiling, and woodwork, I can also maybe get the ceiling painted before the weekend, however, I can't do the electricity nor the plumbing work needed (two water pipes to cut that run through the kitchen plus a drain pipe for the bidet that was in out bathroom that Mr H had taken out ages ago). I could have maybe started painting (after plastering and screeding a bit all over) but Alain bought the wrong paint for the walls... Instead of buying Dimity in modern emulsion from F&B, he bought eggshell which is for woodwork and not walls. Crazy thing was that it was the sales woman at the shop who insisted on him that eggshell was the right finish for our walls. He's going back there today with a flea in his ear and I wouldn't like to be in the place of who ever he meets in F & B's.
Anyhow, as Alain is off for week for a safety offshore course in Marseille, some things will have to wait. I probably will paint our thrift buffet while all alone dealing with difficult teenagers and helpful younger ones.

We still have enough space for an Ikea cupboard with those doors that pull out just next to our butcher's block.
A bit of a mess, but it's only temporary

Oh yes, that awful double oven was so heavy, we needed a trolley to move it, now we are left with a gapping hole in the wall (I've got that to sort out too) . Maybe a list would be useful.

Need to decide where to put this. Either above stove(stainless steel panel to be placed before above) or above the butcher's block.

Changing the subject, the rain this weekend has certainly revived my flowers which is good cause that's one less thing to think about. I really thought we'd have more rain in l'Ile de France than we used to have in Sanary, but that's not the case up to now, so go figure!
And the sun is back again today too, whilst in Sanary it's raining.

samedi 26 mars 2011

School Carnaval

Confetti haired M-K and her teacher in red

The weather up until Saturday late afternoon had been great here. Alexis and Marie-Kate were able to parade in their very first school carnaval here, through the streets of our village right down to the park.

Alexis and his two best friends

Cool totem before (hey that's our neighbour in the background)

The fun didn't stop there as Alexis and Marie-Kate had parties to go to in the afternoon, while Alain and I had a lovely trip to the amenity tip planned plus a quick dash over to Castorama at Chambourcy. Upon leaving the DIY shop we were caught in a violent storm (first of the year) that made us a little late picking up Alexis and Mari-Kate from their different party venues.

Marie-Kate and best friend (birthday girl)

Our one and only village policeman who's keeping the peace (easy here) while watching the totem burn

lundi 21 mars 2011

Front room(sitting room) before and after

Yet another sporadic post, because I won't have time after (landing to do).
We bought the bookcase off Mr H, it's really good quality and cost a fortune when he bought it in the 70's and we really needed space for books. As you can see the walls are extremely dirty, yet again it took two of us a couple of days just to clean behind the bookcase and the wall on the photo.

This is the other side of the room, with the other chair from the thrift shop which probably won't stay here for long cause Gaby wants it for her bedroom. The table was Mr H's, we bought it, however it takes up too much space and I'm looking for a round table to take its place. The children do artwork here.

This cupboard (Ikea) holds all art equipment and sewing machine et cetera. Voila, now you are up to date with the goings on here, now I have to get on with this.
First floor landing really for a final washing down and scrap before priming.

snug before and after...Sporadic Monday Blogging

Still need a new low table and curtains, but for now here's a part of the snug(tv area) before painting it Mizzle

The walls were really dirty and it took me 3 days to clean them before painting.

And after it looks like this (think we should look for a radiator shelf, perhaps). Considering the window leading out of this room on to the garden is north facing, we get really a lot of light here now.

We found two chairs yesterday in our favourite thrift store, one is here on the photo with printed fabric, I'm not sure if it will stay here permanently, we'll see

dimanche 20 mars 2011

Lets get started on the kitchen

Fridge in place, doors to put on under sink and washing machine and a whole lot of work to do next weekend, and that light has just got to go.

Things have been busy a round here. The snug (tv room) is more or less finished, so is the sitting room(photos in next post). Even the kitchen was started yesterday, after buying a new sink and washing machine* at Ikea...Yes, I have a washing machine after almost 7 months without and more trips to the laundrette. The stove arrives here next Saturday which will go just after the machine and then we'll put our butcher's block just after and a Ikea tall cupboard at the end.
1970's green kitchen, so so dirty

As for the splash-back I'm going to cut my old school blackboard in half (vertically) then place it against the whole length of the wall a part from behind the stove (inox panel here). Finally our buffet cupboard will be painting either aubergine or black and that will go where the butcher's block is now, leaving us lots of place for the table and chairs.
Before on this wall there was floor to ceiling green cupboard, you can see the dirty marks left behind. Buffet to be painted, I tried blazer but I won't be using this color on it.

I thought maybe I'll get a bookworm for my favorite cook books, just leaving me the job of finding which wall to put "Bliss" bought from Kidimo way back in December.

*when the laundry room is done, we'll put a dishwasher here

jeudi 10 mars 2011

11th Birthday

Gaby turned 11 on Tuesday. Poor her, she had to go to school all day (8.30 till 5) and suffer two hours of sport and two tests.
When she got home she discovered that Alexis had gone to a friends house for the "gouter" and that Charlotte preferred to hang-out with her friends and send her boyfriend here instead.

She loved her carrot cake (Breakfast Lunch and Tea recipe) and she received lots of lovely presents including some super headphones, as seen above, plus lots of clothes, manga's and books and a super light for her bedroom that I found in the Conran Shop.
We are going to have another party for her on Saturday, and hopefully everyone will be present this time.

Corner of our soon to be finished sitting room

One week of work (all on my own) and the painting is almost finished. We painted the walls in Mizzle and after worrying about it being a little dark after the first coat of paint, (north facing window and it was cream before) it just became better and better with each coat of paint... five liters later. Lots of finishing touches to make and then I'll take a couple more photos

jeudi 3 mars 2011

Entrance with the sun kind of shining

still have to do something about the lock system, it's ugly and I haven't painted it(on the right hand side it's an original metal lock that enters the floor when secure, whereas on the left, Mr H has it changed for an more modern and rather ugly model and as for the handle I loathe it

Our house has a north south exposition. The front door is a round the back, north facing, but we do have south facing sitting room window which is in-line with the door, so we do get lots of light providing the sun actually shines.

I took a couple more photos of the work in progress, still have woodwork to do again and lights..and I would love to change the tiles...but not possible right now....why did so many people do so many stupid things with houses in the 70's, I bet there was a lovely oak floor before..:(
As you can see, on each photo the color comes out a little different, or so it seems. We are going to use this color again on the first floor landing which is quite a good size, an area with the same configuration as it's just above.

I love our front door, the little windows open via a latch (nice in summer perhaps), but I have noticed it's really drafty at the bottom, middle and top. Going to have to find a way to keep the cold out, maybe a nice curtain on one, blue, red.....we'll see)

12 pages of art homework in 8 hours

Gabrielle is lazy, she always does her homework at the last minute, sometimes the morning it's due. Over the holiday's she had French homework and art. The French was finished the night before, however she only wrote it out neatly just before catching the school bus.
As for Art, she had to make a notebook on her favourite colour, which is blue.

She finished it this morning (well I did, she was to scared to bind the pages together).

She really worked hard and didn't finish till way after bedtime, but she did it all on her own, which won't be the case for everyone in her class, some parents will do anything to make sure their children have the best mark.

In Gaby's class there are 28 children and 8 of them are excellent pupils and very competitive too.
Gaby is a year or more younger than all but two of class (3 pupils including Gaby who skipped a class to go in to a higher grade) and she is the youngest for all, she's only 10...for another week

When one goes to bed late

Charlotte has a boyfriend called Valentin. He has stayed over a couple of times, this time he played X-box with Oliver till 4am (school vacation) and even though he had the choice between three sofas and a fatboy we found him on the same sofa as Charlotte who had fallen to sleep hours before.
when she woke up to have his smelly socks within centimeters of her nose, she wasn't happy.