jeudi 3 mars 2011

12 pages of art homework in 8 hours

Gabrielle is lazy, she always does her homework at the last minute, sometimes the morning it's due. Over the holiday's she had French homework and art. The French was finished the night before, however she only wrote it out neatly just before catching the school bus.
As for Art, she had to make a notebook on her favourite colour, which is blue.

She finished it this morning (well I did, she was to scared to bind the pages together).

She really worked hard and didn't finish till way after bedtime, but she did it all on her own, which won't be the case for everyone in her class, some parents will do anything to make sure their children have the best mark.

In Gaby's class there are 28 children and 8 of them are excellent pupils and very competitive too.
Gaby is a year or more younger than all but two of class (3 pupils including Gaby who skipped a class to go in to a higher grade) and she is the youngest for all, she's only 10...for another week

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