jeudi 3 mars 2011

Entrance with the sun kind of shining

still have to do something about the lock system, it's ugly and I haven't painted it(on the right hand side it's an original metal lock that enters the floor when secure, whereas on the left, Mr H has it changed for an more modern and rather ugly model and as for the handle I loathe it

Our house has a north south exposition. The front door is a round the back, north facing, but we do have south facing sitting room window which is in-line with the door, so we do get lots of light providing the sun actually shines.

I took a couple more photos of the work in progress, still have woodwork to do again and lights..and I would love to change the tiles...but not possible right now....why did so many people do so many stupid things with houses in the 70's, I bet there was a lovely oak floor before..:(
As you can see, on each photo the color comes out a little different, or so it seems. We are going to use this color again on the first floor landing which is quite a good size, an area with the same configuration as it's just above.

I love our front door, the little windows open via a latch (nice in summer perhaps), but I have noticed it's really drafty at the bottom, middle and top. Going to have to find a way to keep the cold out, maybe a nice curtain on one, blue, red.....we'll see)

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