lundi 21 mars 2011

Front room(sitting room) before and after

Yet another sporadic post, because I won't have time after (landing to do).
We bought the bookcase off Mr H, it's really good quality and cost a fortune when he bought it in the 70's and we really needed space for books. As you can see the walls are extremely dirty, yet again it took two of us a couple of days just to clean behind the bookcase and the wall on the photo.

This is the other side of the room, with the other chair from the thrift shop which probably won't stay here for long cause Gaby wants it for her bedroom. The table was Mr H's, we bought it, however it takes up too much space and I'm looking for a round table to take its place. The children do artwork here.

This cupboard (Ikea) holds all art equipment and sewing machine et cetera. Voila, now you are up to date with the goings on here, now I have to get on with this.
First floor landing really for a final washing down and scrap before priming.

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