lundi 28 mars 2011

Kitchen Update

the little compotier on the table was my thrift shop find this Sunday

We really thought that we would have got further on with our kitchen renovation this weekend, but sadly that wasn't the case. I think we were far too optimistic and now it seems like we have at least two more weekends of work. I can do some things on my own during the week, like clean and sand down the walls, ceiling, and woodwork, I can also maybe get the ceiling painted before the weekend, however, I can't do the electricity nor the plumbing work needed (two water pipes to cut that run through the kitchen plus a drain pipe for the bidet that was in out bathroom that Mr H had taken out ages ago). I could have maybe started painting (after plastering and screeding a bit all over) but Alain bought the wrong paint for the walls... Instead of buying Dimity in modern emulsion from F&B, he bought eggshell which is for woodwork and not walls. Crazy thing was that it was the sales woman at the shop who insisted on him that eggshell was the right finish for our walls. He's going back there today with a flea in his ear and I wouldn't like to be in the place of who ever he meets in F & B's.
Anyhow, as Alain is off for week for a safety offshore course in Marseille, some things will have to wait. I probably will paint our thrift buffet while all alone dealing with difficult teenagers and helpful younger ones.

We still have enough space for an Ikea cupboard with those doors that pull out just next to our butcher's block.
A bit of a mess, but it's only temporary

Oh yes, that awful double oven was so heavy, we needed a trolley to move it, now we are left with a gapping hole in the wall (I've got that to sort out too) . Maybe a list would be useful.

Need to decide where to put this. Either above stove(stainless steel panel to be placed before above) or above the butcher's block.

Changing the subject, the rain this weekend has certainly revived my flowers which is good cause that's one less thing to think about. I really thought we'd have more rain in l'Ile de France than we used to have in Sanary, but that's not the case up to now, so go figure!
And the sun is back again today too, whilst in Sanary it's raining.

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