dimanche 20 mars 2011

Lets get started on the kitchen

Fridge in place, doors to put on under sink and washing machine and a whole lot of work to do next weekend, and that light has just got to go.

Things have been busy a round here. The snug (tv room) is more or less finished, so is the sitting room(photos in next post). Even the kitchen was started yesterday, after buying a new sink and washing machine* at Ikea...Yes, I have a washing machine after almost 7 months without and more trips to the laundrette. The stove arrives here next Saturday which will go just after the machine and then we'll put our butcher's block just after and a Ikea tall cupboard at the end.
1970's green kitchen, so so dirty

As for the splash-back I'm going to cut my old school blackboard in half (vertically) then place it against the whole length of the wall a part from behind the stove (inox panel here). Finally our buffet cupboard will be painting either aubergine or black and that will go where the butcher's block is now, leaving us lots of place for the table and chairs.
Before on this wall there was floor to ceiling green cupboard, you can see the dirty marks left behind. Buffet to be painted, I tried blazer but I won't be using this color on it.

I thought maybe I'll get a bookworm for my favorite cook books, just leaving me the job of finding which wall to put "Bliss" bought from Kidimo way back in December.

*when the laundry room is done, we'll put a dishwasher here

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