samedi 26 mars 2011

School Carnaval

Confetti haired M-K and her teacher in red

The weather up until Saturday late afternoon had been great here. Alexis and Marie-Kate were able to parade in their very first school carnaval here, through the streets of our village right down to the park.

Alexis and his two best friends

Cool totem before (hey that's our neighbour in the background)

The fun didn't stop there as Alexis and Marie-Kate had parties to go to in the afternoon, while Alain and I had a lovely trip to the amenity tip planned plus a quick dash over to Castorama at Chambourcy. Upon leaving the DIY shop we were caught in a violent storm (first of the year) that made us a little late picking up Alexis and Mari-Kate from their different party venues.

Marie-Kate and best friend (birthday girl)

Our one and only village policeman who's keeping the peace (easy here) while watching the totem burn

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