vendredi 29 avril 2011

7 the 22nd Part one

I am a little late but with Alain leaving unexpectedly and still away, I've been busy with the family, which has been a good thing really, I'm even enjoying read a J. Wilson book with Gaby (she's got them all), this one's a little sad though, it's called Whale Song (I think).

Anyway, as Alain had to leave just after lunch on MK's birthday and we knew he wouldn't be back for Easter Monday either, the children, big and small, had their first Easter egg hunt here in the garden before he left.
Of course there's always someone who doesn't find many eggs and goes off in a bad mood, and this year it was Gaby. But in the end, they all say down and I shared the smaller eggs out between them to stop world war three starting (especially as I was the one who'd have to deal with it later).

Since living in France, we've never experienced such hot weather over Easter, and before we lived in the sunny south.

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