vendredi 29 avril 2011

Easter Monday at la mairie

We walked down to a local village hall on Monday to take part in the annual Easter egg hunt.
For a French event, it was surprising organized, children from toddler sized to MK size had the fore-gardens of the mairie in which to hunt for eggs (mk found lots)
Whereas the over 7's had the woods behind to search

I managed to get a shot of Alexis with his best friend Jeremy. Alexis wasn't as lucky as MK when it came to finding eggs, but she shared hers with him and Gaby too.
This is our local town (village) hall, where drinks were offered. Can you believe the weather, once again, hot, and that's at 10am.

Night Night, tomorrow, sword-fencing for Alexis and another shopping expedition with the girls..scary prospect

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