lundi 11 avril 2011

Finally we have a kitchen

It certainly took longer than we imagined but the hardest part is done and we have a kitchen that we works for us. No more awful green cupboards (still got the floor though...can't have it all). The kitchen isn't dark and gloomy anymore, it's just so light and we have lots more space now.

I bought this mirror ages ago from "the" local thrift shop and we moved to the buffet we bought (thrift too) out of the kitchen as it didn't hold even half of our stuff, luckily I found this one in pitch-pine to take its place.

I really love these Ikea prints (the two in the middle) and along with Alexis' and MK's flowers they fill the wall space well.

I've been getting back into Ebay and bid for a couple of things and was beaten at the last few seconds, but I did manage to get a vintage Herman Miller chair and a Knoll Bertoia chair for the kitchen...coming as soon as Alain picks them up from opposite sides of Paris

Today's lunch is Daps in baps (Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall) and for dinner we're eating chicken curry.. The Ikea draining rack is just there until we find a nice one.

I've still got the radiator to paint and the two kitchen doors, but that's for another day.

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