vendredi 22 avril 2011

Just time to say hi

Guess what, our bedroom is still in progress and will have to go on hold for this long Easter weekend at least, as Alain has had to leave for Angola. He was supposed to go on Monday, but at the last minute, had to leave today. Today is Marie-Kate's 7th birthday and it's quite sad for her (and all of us) because we weren't prepared.

Alain isn't working on Girassol, although he has done in the past, but from the comfort of his office. This time he has to supervise tests on an anchor system and doesn't come back till Saturday 30th if all goes well. Sometimes life sucks!

He'll miss Easter Monday too. I bought some eggs today so the children could have a Easter garden egg hunt while he was still here. Had to do it early though as the chocolate melted fast when you have temperatures in the high 20's (degrees c). It's been warmer here than in the south of France for about a week (photos to come later).
Birthday girl is happy with her new bicycle, books, clothes and dolls clothes (photo's soon, promise)

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