mardi 5 avril 2011

Slow progression

Yet another brownie cake

The kitchen is slowly coming together, the school board is in place (uncut) behind sink, so glad we didn't cut it in half. Alain bought a ceiling hanging rack from The Conran Shop, now he just needs to figure out how to hang it. The electricity hasn't been started which means I am unable to paint all the walls, but hopefully come Saturday that should be finished. I'm painting the ceiling and cornice and managing to get paint just about, face, jeans et cetera.
Photos to come soon (not of me).
Besides that, Marie-Kate celebrated her birthday at school in advance yesterday as schools here break-up for just over two weeks this Friday. With the kitchen looking like a ware zone, I opted for an easy cake, yes, another brownie cake from Breakfast, Lunch and Tea. This cake never fails and the children loved it, or so Marie-Kate says. I'm going to have to find another cake to bake for her birthday on the 22nd though, because after eating at least 10 of these since the beginning of the year, you don't appreciate them as much as you should.
I'm still discovering the garden and Mr H's love for tulips which I just about everywhere, which pleases the children and Alain but not me!

I better get started and while I'm working non stop all day , Alexis and Marie-Kate have got yummy food to eat this mardi. Alexis loves lunch at school as the canteen isn't a self service one like his old school in Sanary and he gets to have seconds and more quite often.

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