dimanche 22 mai 2011

Bye bye Mr H's table and hello thrift one

Mr H's rustic farm table was too big for the room so I've been looking for a smaller round one for ages. I originally wanted a knoll table, but had trouble finding one that didn't have a marble top...then I found a Jean Prouvé table, really nice second hand one, but it was almost the same price as new so that was a no no. In between time I have had my eye on a thrift shop table, small but square and every time I saw it, I just liked it more and more. We bought it yesterday for 50 euros, a big difference from the Knoll that I made a bid on and lost (thankfully) that was obscenely expensive, too much for me to tell you, it's shameful. Same goes for the Prouvé too...

Well here it is after taking the middle legs off, that we didn't need unless we wanted to extend it and that's not an option due us wanting to open up the space for something special (soon to come)

I had some paint left over from skirting boards (railings) and and we painting the legs with it.
we kind of love this table now, so much better that Mr H's, which is soon to become Alain's work bench...that's if we can get it down into the basement.

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