lundi 23 mai 2011

glimpse of our newly finished stairs and le Prince Aventurier

Four flights of stairs later, and over seventeen liters of paint with bits and bobs still to paint (including whether or not to paint part of the stairs or not) we have finished the stairs, landings and half-landings. This is the view from the entrance looking up towards our newly acquired ebay painting, he's lots of fun and brightens up the space.
The first two walls have been painted in a neutral colour (dimity) and the door in blazer.

The skirting boards look almost black in railings, now we have to decide what to do with the stairs which were waxed. I'd like to lighten the wood and maybe paint the stair risers in a light colour.
The rest of the walls have been painted in Hardwick to come sometime today ( spindles still to paint...boring and long)

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