lundi 16 mai 2011

It's been a while...Stairs, bedroom, Ebay and barbecues

photo's a bit dark, but I'll get a better shot next time

After two weeks away on a fpso off the Angolan coast, Alain and I had a lot of catching up to do and he had a some time off from work which was way overdue, so we've been eating out, visiting Paris and just having a great time, we even bought a couple of bicycles and a new couch (second-hand off Ebay).

Our new second hand Conran couch, it's so comfortable and can you believe it's 10 years old

The weather has been glorious, so much so, we've been having barbecues most days, we never had so many down in the south so go figure.
The work in the house is coming on too. Our bedroom has been painted in Elephant's Breath and we love it. I did manage to paint the armoire Pigeon, my favourite colour. Still lots to tidy, so the photo doesn't really show much.

The stairs and landings are almost finished, hardest part still to do, but who knows, we might just finish it for the weekend. I've stripped the wax of the stairs, know just need to figure our how to lighten the wood ready for varnish.
For the walls we used Hardwick white, which is far from white as you can see, but after first having reservations about the greyness I really like it now.
On the first floor landing (our floor and that of Oliver and Charlotte) we are slowly building up a art/photo wall. The doors (that you can't see) are going to be painted Arsenic, which is something that I'm really looking forward to doing.

Time for a cup of tea I think. Back later in the week with more photos and updates.

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