mardi 31 mai 2011

Near miss and stair walls and ceiling finished

The highest part of our stairs is about 5 meters high and Alain decided he could paint up there just using a ladder. Well he could and did it with a stretch, problem was is our landing had been waxed over the last 37 years and I'd not finished getting it all off, hence it was still slippy
Well you can guess what happened, the ladder slipped and Alain was two centimeters away from going ladder first through an 150 year old window. he was saved the black strip of wood on the photo, the one just in-front of the window.
It goes without saying, he isn't allowed up a ladder for a while.

Oh yes, we've finished the stairs, still kept with hardwick white, with a little arsenic and railings for the paint work. Today I'm sanding "again" the stairs and then paint and varnish and we'll be done.

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