mercredi 1 juin 2011

Alexis' Earache and Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Marie-Kate and her Lilies

Alexis' ear started to ache Sunday night, all night, he's rarely ill and hardly complains when it comes to pain, but not this time.
Luckily here, our doctor surgery is open and 7.30 and there wasn't any waiting. He has a bag full of medicine(we do live in France), and an eight day course of antibiotics and some ear drops ( which he hates).
Good news, he only missed one day of school which was yesterday and now it's a long French holiday weekend until Monday, so lots of time to have fun and relax.

Time enough to get on with some art and get paint everywhere.

Alexis chose to paint Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Marie-Kate, Monet's Lilies.
Alexis is a perfectionist and got grumpy soon as he started painting, moaned and cried that it wasn't how it wanted it to be, wiped paint on his trousers, face and just about on every wall between his painting spot and the bathroom and moaned that his ear was hurting really bad again.
A couple of hours later, this is what it looked like ( his painting I mean, and not his ear)

I used Art Projects for kids website to inspire them, this site is an excellent resource for art. You can see on the computer how maybe his sunflower could have turned out, but Alexis preferred using black to go with his mood and red with his temper

And in between time, cool as a cucumber Marie-Kate painted some Lilies and used the zen approach with Alexis that didn't help his mood one bit.... But a couple of hours later, they're best friends again...until they paint together again.
Marie-Kate's almost finished Lilies... Just need to get Gaby to work on her "Eboy" style manga people canvas to join these two on the the top floor stairs.

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